"Martha's cooking is beyond compare – she gathers local foods harvested at their peak and combines them to create deliciously flavorful, healthy dishes.  She is truly passionate about cooking - and it shows."
Lee Fentriss, M.D.— Heritage Medical Associates, daily corporate client           

Feast with Martha

FEAST together

If you haven't heard yet about our work with the nonprofit FEAST together and how you can enjoy delicious local, organic food for even less money, the fastest way to learn about this is to visit the website www.FEASTtogether.org    

Wednesday Nights:

Join us for 'A Place at the Table', a weekly community dinner and movie/lecture series, sure to expand your palate, broaden your horizons and warm your heart.     Dinner cost ranges from $10-$12 for adults, and $5-$6 for children, depending on the offerings.

Sign up for the email newsletter to receive weekly information about the menu and movie by emailing us at info@marthastampscatering.com.   

Reserve your space each Wednesday by calling West End United Methodist Church at 615.321.8500 before 11:30 a.m. each Wednesday.

Martha's Takeout:   

We've changed some things to our weekday lunch calendar by popular demand. There is now no minimum on pickup orders (you can even order items a la carte!), and a minimum of six meals for delivery.  Check out the "Takeout Calendar" page to see what's being served and our prices.  
If you want to bring home a fresh, local meal for your family it is now easier than ever.   Just check our calendar page to see what's being served and let us know when you'd like to pick it up.  We will still need 24 hours notice to make sure your food is fresh and delicious!  
Stop by the kitchen between 12:30-2:30 pm on weekdays to peruse our canned goods or purchase a cookbook.  Ask for Jill or Martha.  You can always call us at 615.983.8850 or email info@marthastampscatering.com to ask questions or make a request! 

Stay tuned for more offerings coming soon!

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